Magic Mango CBD Gummies


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200mg CBD/20 doses
Vegan, Low Sugar, Omega 3 Fortified, All Natural
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Magic Mango CBD Gummies contains Full Spectrum Hemp CBD with trace amounts of other valuable cannabinoids which enable the CBD to work more effectively and less than >.3% THC for no psychoactive effect. Being miserable from pain makes it hard to function and enjoy life. Pain can be caused by a wide range of factors, such as injuries and trauma (from sports or accidents), neurogenic pain (nerve damage), aging (arthritis), disease (cancer), wide-spread pain (fibromyalgia), IBS (digestive tract conditions), post-surgical pain, back pain, and headaches. Everyone experiences occasional aches and pains which will usually become less intense as the injury heals. However, chronic pain continues to send signals to your brain making it a challenge to get through daily activities.

2 reviews for Magic Mango CBD Gummies

  1. Mark

    Delicious! And great for pain relief

  2. Cindy

    Love the mango gummy! I use these whenever I feel a headache coming on and it helps!

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